Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Praying for Other Churches

This past Sunday, we practiced something that’s relatively new to our church. Last month we began a practice that I have seen practiced at Capitol Hill Baptist and by a local church here in Jacksonville, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church pastored by Shane Waters. We take one church a month in our local area and pray for them by name. 

I consistently remind our church that we are doing old things. We gather on the first day of the week to have a Word-centered time, just as the church has done for 2000 years. We read, sing, pray, and teach the Bible. Sunday mornings are not times for novelties. The power of salvation is in the Word, not in a particular technique, pastor, or church. 

Along those same lines, I want our church to understand that we are not the only show in town. There are other pastors that I have the privilege of getting to know who are doing great work. These men are faithful, hard working, and conviction driven. I want our congregation to know about these men and their congregations. I want our people to be continually praying for gospel fruitfulness not only at Sunrise Church, but around our city and world. 

Yesterday, we took a few minutes in our worship service to pray for Pastor Brett Maragni and Harvest Bible Chapel. I’m thankful for Brett’s love for the Word and his shepherd’s heart. I love spending time with Bret. Our conversation typically revolves around hunting, sports, and the Bible! I always leave our times encouraged. 

As we had this time in our service, I read 2 Timothy 4.1-5 and then prayed that the ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel in Jacksonville would embody these qualities. 

I’m profoundly thankful for gospel partners in Jacksonville and around the world! 

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